Ravenna by bike

Ravenna by bike


Ravenna is art and history, sea and nature. It has the charm of a unique area, which houses next to indigenous natural resources, some of the greatest artistic heritage in the world. Ravenna is also a city where life is good. Global statistics show high levels of satisfaction about the living conditions: despite being the second largest municipality in Italy, Ravenna preserves the peacefulness of a provincial town. How to live and enjoy this well-being? Cycling for example. The means of transport that best keeps us in close contact with nature without giving affect it. From this idea it was born the project of a map that shows some interesting routes for cycling and mountain-biking. It esistoni other and others are still to be prepared with the necessary signals. You can start from the heart of the city (of which a large area is Limited Traffic Zone) and get to the sea and in the countryside it delves into the most attractive areas of the environment Ravenna, living testimonies of the union between land and sea over the centuries. These goals represent a continuous discovery and an ever new way of experiencing the environment, where the wonderful bird life will surprise you with new sounds and colors, in harmony with the seasons. I believe that the map suggests an enjoyable way to keep fit and spend a day in the open, where everyone can participate, amateur or professional they are.

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