B&B ai Gabbiani

Bed and Breakfast Ai Gabbiani si trova in un elegante appartamento nel centro storico di Ravenna, vicino al centro storico della città e vicino ai famosi monumenti di Ravenna. Il B&B ai Gabbiani è composto da due camere da letto matrimoniali e una tripla, arredate con gusto, con tutti i confort messi a disposizione per gli ospiti.

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  • Luogo molto comodo per effettuare qualsiasi tipo di attività grazie alla sua posizione strategica. Ci ritorneremo volentieri.

  • Vacanza indimenticabile. Grazie a tutto lo staff del B&B ai Gabbiani.

    by Giulia Sassi





Ravenna and its history!

Ravenna city of art and culture, city of mosaics, an ancient city that 1600 years ago was capital three times: of the Western Roman Empire, of Theodoric King of the Goths, the Byzantine Empire in Europe. The magnificence of that period has left Ravenna with a great heritage of monuments: there are 8 buildings which have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. The art of mosaics was not born in Ravenna, but in Ravenna has found its greatest expression: here was born the Christian iconography, a mixture of symbolism and realism, of Roman and Byzantine influences. Even today this ancient craft lives on in schools and workshops. The beauty of the mosaics but not only: in Ravenna you can stroll among the bell towers and monastic cloisters, from Romanesque to Gothic, from the Giotto frescoes of Santa Chiara to the baroque apse of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo; from the testimony last refuge of Dante Alighieri to the palaces that saw the loves of Lord Byron. Who meets her falls in love today as it did in the past to Boccaccio, who set one of his finest novels, Gustav Klimt who clearly drew inspiration, to Hermann Hesse who visited dedicated some verses. Ravenna is Roman, Gothic, Byzantine, medieval, Venetian and finally contemporary, civilized and hospitable, full of cultural events and prestigious international events that project it into the future.




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